By | 2014-11-06


Dear President Obama, President Harald Norgesen and Mr. Soros,

We, undersigned paid agents of the CIA, the Republic of Norway, and the Open Society Fund, urge you to overthrow the democratically elected government of Hungary. We have been trying for many years to win at least one Hungarian election, however we were unable to achieve this. Therefore now we are desperate that you would consider us useless suckers and would stop your generous monthly payments to us. We have families, many needs, expenses for our luxurious offices and villas, and we want to continue living at the highest standards we are used to.

We reassure you that we are ready to do anything you demand. Just please overthrow Mr. Orbán, the Communist-Fascist-Nazi-Putinist evil dictator.

In the name of all our 1200 members,

Ms. Emese Balliba-Liberó, Spokeswoman, Hungarian Left-Liberal Thinktank